The McCreary County Record


June 6, 2012

Marriage Licenses May 28- June 2

    Bethannie J. Pack, 37, Whitley City, unemployed, to Dennis Scott Alliss, 52, Rensselaer, IN, unemployed

    Christina L. Watson, 26, Whitley City, KY, unemployed, to Christopher R. Garner, 36, Pine Knot, Elrey’s.

    Hanna Louise Boatwright,  20, Winfield, TN,, unemployed to Jeffrey L. Hughes, 21, Pine Knot, Carson’s Tires.

    Roberta S. Davis, 47, Revelo, KY, unemployed,  to Micheal Crabtree, 52, Marshes Siiding,  uunemployed.

    Marilyn Troxell, 48, Winfield, TN., Papa’s, to Anthony L. Stephens, 52,, Pine Knot, KY, unemployed.

    Judy S. Jones, 46,  Pine Knot,  Walmart, to Paul L. Howard, 57,, Pine Knot, Armstrong.           

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